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I was so excited to check out 19 free gifts for signing up for’s yearly membership (an amazing bargain!), especially Profiles of Valor: Character Studies from the War of Independence by Marilyn Boyer and Grace Tumas.

This book is full of stories from famous Founding Fathers’ lives that highlight a godly character trait. I love this! The story is followed by questions. It’s a great book for morning time to read aloud and answer the quick questions before praying for one another.

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Here is the listing of people with their matching character traits in Profiles of Valor: Character Studies from the War of Independence :

  • General George Washington/Humility
  • Rev. Jonathan Mayhew/Enthusiasm
  • Samuel Adams/Passion
  • John Adams/Justice
  • Rev. Jacob Duchi/Virtue
  • Wentworth Cheswell/Dependability
  • Colonel Ethan Allen/Initiative
  • Rev. Lewual Haynes/Faithfulness
  • Dr. Joseph Warren/Steadfastness
  • Peter Salem/Determination
  • Gen. Henry Knox/Perseverance
  • Gen. George Washington/Valor
  • Samuel Frances/Attentiveness
  • Rev. John Witherspoon/Persuasiveness
  • Richard Henry Lee/Responsibility
  • Oliver Wolcoff/Resourcefulness
  • John Hart/Honesty
  • Col. John Glover/Diligence
  • Gen. Horatio Gates/Endurance
  • Gen. George Washington/Wisdom
  • Marquis de’Layfayette/Commitment

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Meredith Curtis

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